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The customer is a leading furniture retail store owner in Philadelphia with more than 5 retail stores. They wanted to take their business online through an E-Commerce website. The customer wanted the website to be modern and easy to use both for themselves and for the customers. They wanted to add features to the website that would reduce a lot of manual work involved.

Our Approach

Our experts worked with the management team to understand the current business. Brainstorm sessions were conducted to decide on the features that are required to reduce the manual work in the e-commerce website. The development team used Joomla CMS to create an e-commerce website and the custom features like marketing automation, status notifications were developed in PHP and integrated to the application.

Key facts

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  • Duration
    4 months
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The application was delivered ahead of time to the customer. Custom features like marketing automation, status notifications, shipment rate calculations and inventory monitor had greatly reduced the amount of manual task needed to manage the day-to-day activities of the business. The customer feedback was very good and encouraging.

  • Easy furniture ordering
  • Increased Customer satisfaction
  • Efficient Marketing
  • Accurate tracking of inventory

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