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students crack
competitive exams


Our customer wanted to build a world-class mobile application that would help the students to prepare and practice for a wide range of competitive exams. Each competitive exam should have a separate mobile application that should be created and built easily and in a short span of time. The students should have a user-friendly and high performing mobile application where they can take mock tests and see the results instantly.

Our Approach

ZydeSoft understood the customer requirements and allocated 2 experienced developers to work in this project. We created a base code for the iOS mobile application which could be used to create multiple iOS apps in a short time. The course contents would be fetched from web services hosted in AWS. We also created the marketing website for Gentoo using Angular as per the design provided.


Shortened the Go-to-Market time when the customer decides to come up with a mobile app for a new examination. Increased user base and engagement level from the students and parents community. Drastically reduced the customer cost to create and deploy a new application for an examination with the usage of base application.

Key facts
  • duration
  • Duration
    From June 2019
  • duration
  • Team Size
    2 Developers
  • duration
  • Domain
    Edu tech
  • duration
  • Technologies used
    Angular, Swift


  • Increased ROI
  • Shortened go-to-market time
  • Increased performance
  • Quick deployment process

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