Hire Android Developers

Hire Android developers from ZydeSoft on a full-time or on a project basis to ensure you
have an excellent mobile presence. Our Android experts understand your needs and provide
you the right set of features that would help grow the profits of your business.

Our Android Development Services

Android Application Development

Our team of mobile experts has vast experience in Android app development to create any kind of custom mobile application that your business needs.

App Modernization

We are the specialists in understanding your existing system and provide awesome UI and UX based on your end-user needs. We change the underlying architecture of your mobile app to dramatically increase the app speed.

e-Commerce Applications

When it comes to creating an e-commerce mobile application for your WordPress or Magento site, we are the experts. We could use the product details in your CMS and create an excellent mobile application in the shortest time possible.

Android SaaS Applications

If you have a mobile app idea, you can confidently hire our Android Developers to build an excellent application that you could inturn sell to your customers. We will do market research and provide you with reports for the features that your customers would like to see in the application.

e-Learning Platforms

We have great experience in building mobile application that helps in serving the learning community. Our experts would design and develop a rich and beautiful user interface that the learning community would love to use.

Chat Applications

You can hire Android developers from ZydeSoft for building inbuilt chat systems in your mobile applications that would help you to connect to your customers easily and with great convenience.

Android Developers
Hiring Model

Extended Teams

  • Best suited for long-term and on-going projects.
  • Hire talented developers within 1-2 weeks based on the requirements.
  • Zero overhead cost. Just pay a fixed monthly fee for the developers you hire.
  • They work full time on your projects.
  • Guaranteed 160 hours of development per month.

Fixed Price projects

  • Best suited for short term projects, preferably 2-4 months.
  • Works well for projects that have fixed and clearly defined requirements.
  • Provide project status updates on a daily basis.
  • The project will be completed within the budget as per the agreed scope.
  • Strict adherence to timelines and guaranteed results.

Why Hire Android Developers from

Talented Developers

Our developers were vetted by a stringent 8-hour interview process (1- Oral interview. 2-Programing test, 3-Attitude test). This ensures we provide nothing but the best talent to our customers.

Dedicated Team

These resources are full time developers who will be working for you under ZydeSoft Payroll. You can directly assign them to any projects and get status report on daily basis and manage their development activities.

Transparent pricing

Be it a Dedicated Developers or Fixed-price projects, you are well informed about the pricing of ZydeSoft and your project always stays within your budget.

60% Cost Savings

Hiring through ZydeSoft will save you 60% of your cost without compromising a bit on the quality. You can easily collaborate with this team on a day-to-day basis as if they are your in-house team members.

Zero Employee Overhead Expense

You pay a fixed monthly rate to ZydeSoft. You don’t have any overhead expenses like medical insurance, infrastructure cost, etc. All these are taken care by ZydeSoft.

Free No-obligation Quote

We would provide you a detailed no-obligation quote after having a discussion with you. This helps you to understand the cost involved for high- quality work.

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