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Do you Need highly-skilled Kotlin developers to develop a new project or to enhance an
existing application? Now you can easily Hire Kotlin Developers from ZydeSoft on full-time
or project basis develop a world-class Android application

Our Kotlin Development Services

Kotlin Application Development

Get your Android mobile application developed using Kotin to build a much safer, stable and easily maintainable application. Our Kotlin experts will help develop a world-class mobile application for your business.

Migrate to Kotlin

With Kotlin user base and community growing faster than ever, it is worthwhile to consider migrating to Kotlin from Java while you plan for an enhancement to your mobile app. Talk to our experts to know how your application can be migrated to Kotlin.

Kotlin Extended Team

Now you can hire the best Kotlin developers in a short span of time to augment your current development team. These developers will work on a dedicated basis with your team just like your in house team members.

SaaS Applications Development

If you have a mobile app idea, you can confidently hire our Kotlin Developers to build an excellent application that you could inturn sell to your customers. We will do market research and provide you with reports for the features that your customers would like to see in the application.

e-Learning Platforms

We have great experience in building mobile application that helps in serving the learning community. Our Kotlin experts would design and develop a rich and beautiful user interface that the learning community would love to use.

Kotlin App Enhancement

You can hire Kotlin developers from ZydeSoft for enhancing and maintaining your current mobile application. Our developers have great expertise in Kotlin and its skill set to perform any kind of complex and enterprise-grade enhancements.

Kotlin Developers
Hiring Model

Extended Teams

  • Best suited for long-term and on-going projects.
  • Hire talented developers within 1-2 weeks based on the requirements.
  • Zero overhead cost. Just pay a fixed monthly fee for the developers you hire.
  • They work full time on your projects.
  • Guaranteed 160 hours of development per month.

Fixed Price projects

  • Best suited for short term projects, preferably 2-4 months.
  • Works well for projects that have fixed and clearly defined requirements.
  • Provide project status updates on a daily basis.
  • The project will be completed within the budget as per the agreed scope.
  • Strict adherence to timelines and guaranteed results.

Why Hire Angular Developers from

Talented Developers

We hire the best talents in the industry to provide you outstanding results. Our interview process ensures, only the best talents can get through.

Honesty and Integrity

At ZydeSoft, you are certain to experience Honesty and Integrity in all the interactions that you have with us. You can be assured that your project is in safe hands

Transparent pricing

Be it a Dedicated Developers or Fixed-price projects, you are well informed about the pricing of ZydeSoft and your project always stays within your budget.

Flexible Engagement Model

You are free to choose any of our engagement models as per your project requirements. In fact, we would be glad to work on a customized engagement model in case you wish to do so.

Customer First approach

We always put our customers first in any of the decisions that we take. You are sure to feel delighted and happy during the whole engagement period with us.

Free No-obligation Quote

We would provide you a detailed no-obligation quote after having a discussion with you. This helps you to understand the cost involved for high- quality work.

Why Kotlin is better than Java?

Clear and Compact

With Kotlin, you can achieve the same business use case with a lot less code than it used to be in Java. Due to this, the application written in Kotlin becomes easier to develop, maintain and understand. Since its compact, the chances of bugs and crashes are also significantly reduced.

Advanced and Safe Compiler

Kotlin comes with a more advanced and modern compiler that makes it a preferred language for all types of development. Kotlin helps to detect most errors in compile-time than run-time. Also, the Kotlin compiler reduces the boiler-plate code that the developer has to write, thus improving the performance of the application

Great Developer Community

With the advantages that Kotlin provides the developers, the community of Kotlin is increasing day-by-day. Since Kotlin is interoperable with Java, developers can take advantage of Kotlin in an existing application. Also, it’s super easy for a developer when they decide to switch from your Android application from Java to Kotlin.

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