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Build Habits that
Stick!. An easy way to build a habit that you longed for months.


Habits can be formed when one does it continuously for a month. But for most, it is hard to follow than it sounds. People tend to procrastinate their goals each day and they completely get missed out on those. This leads to demotivation and unproductivity in their daily life.

Our Approach

Since this app is supposed to be used by all types of users, we ensured to have a simple and an attractive user interface. Each of the micro-goals is tied to a common activity so that the user can remember to accomplish their goals when they do that particular common activity. The user can set the days of the week they wanted to perform that goal. The users can track their progress by viewing the weekly report.


MicroHabits App was well received and ranked 4th in Product Hunt soon after its launch. Users loved the intuitive user interface design of the app and the idea of achieving their bigger goals by tracking the micro ones. The app was a hit in social media channels as well, all thanks to the rich user interface and easy navigation.

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  • Increased Productivity
  • Accurate tracking
  • Elegant design
  • Fast performance

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