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The customer is a leading law firm and would like to service their customers online. According to the management team, the law firm has all types of customers ranging from common man to highly influential people. The client wants the app to have a simple yet beautiful UI that gives its customers a happy user experience.

Our Approach

Experts from ZydeSoft worked with the client team to understand the features that are needed in the mobile application. After getting the wireframes approved from the customer, the design team delivered a unique, rich UI designs to the client team. Our ReactNative and NodeJS teams worked on developing the application with the functionalities as requested by our clients. The application was tested thoroughly and deployed to AppStore and PlayStore after the UAT was over.

Key facts

  • duration
  • Duration
    2 months
  • duration
  • Technologies
    React Native
  • duration
  • Industry
  • duration
  • Deliverables
    UI designs


The client was impressed with the quality of the app that was delivered. Initial feedback from the users of this app was that the appoint booking journey was awesome and easy to use. The staff feedback was also great when it comes to controlling the time and duration of the session.

  • Easy Appointment Booking
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Better Staff Control
  • Better tracking and analytics

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