Quality Assurance Services

ZydeSoft provides a wide range of independent software testing and security services. With our
vast experience in Quality Assurance space, you are sure to have peace of mind when it comes to your
software quality and performance.

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Delivering Reliable and Secure

Having worked on multiple projects, we know the importance of bug-free software applications. When it
comes to the assurance of quality software, we are the best. Our impeccable testing process ensures your
application worked perfectly on all types of devices out there.

Our wide range of
Quality Services

Process at its Best

ZydeSoft follows the best industry standards when it comes to Quality Assurance. We will work right from the
project initiation phase until the deployment to ensure a smooth journey of your software application.

Requirement Analysis

Our team of expert quality assurance professionals work with the business team to understand the end-to-end requirements of the project.

Planning and TestCase Preparation

The choice of testing strategies like automation or manual testing is made and the work of test case preparation commences at this phase.

Execute and Track

The application is verified against the test cases that are prepared and the bugs are tracked using a bug tracking tool. This process continues until all the open issues are closed by the development team.

Closure and Handover

The bug-free application is deployed and the test reports are shared with the stakeholders. A document comprising of the observations and scope of improvement in the project will also be shared for future enhancements.

Technologies Used

Our Technical Experts have years of experience in these technologies and have
worked on projects of all sizes and complexities.