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You need strong software developers to build great products that your customers love. Many times, recruiting locally can be difficult due
to the unavailability of local talents, high salary, the pressure to hire quickly, not having enough time to dedicate to recruitment, etc.

But, Don’t worry. Introducing Zyde Extended Teams – An Easy way to hire our Top Quality Remote developers. With 7 years of experience
and 100+ developers, you can quickly hire top quality remote developers from ZydeSoft who have the ability and skill set to bring your
ideas to reality.

How it Works

Discuss Job Description

We discuss with you to clearly understand the technical skills that you are looking for. This will help us to narrow down and identify the right candidate from our talent pool who would suit your requirements.

Get the Best Candidates

We scan our internal talent pool to find the matching candidates for your Job description. Once a match is found, we forward the details about the candidate along with the candidate’s recent works performed. You can discuss with the remote developer and make the hiring decision.

Deploy in Project

Once the hiring decision is made, the developer joins your team as a remote team member and will be ready to get deployed in your projects. Laptops and other Employee Benefits will be provided by ZydeSoft.

Team Management

You can manage your team according to your plans. You can assign tasks, get status reports and conduct daily meetings as per your convenience. You can deploy them in any of your projects as per your needs.


You will pay a fixed monthly price to ZydeSoft for each remote employee you hire. This price will depend on the technology for which you hire and the experience level of the candidate. ZydeSoft will in turn pay the employees on a monthly basis.

Benefits of Zyde Extended Teams

Talented Developers

Our developers were vetted by a stringent 8-hour interview process (1- Oral interview. 2-Programing test, 3-Attitude test). This ensures we provide nothing but the best talent to our customers.

Dedicated Team

These resources are full time developers who will be working for you under ZydeSoft Payroll. You can directly assign them to any projects and get status report on daily basis and manage their development activities.

Save Recruitment Time

Hiring the best talent is always a daunting and time-consuming process. With us you can hire a talented remote developer very quickly. You will now have more time to concentrate on your other most important activities.

60% Cost Savings

Hiring through ZydeSoft will save you 60% of your cost without compromising a bit on the quality. You can easily collaborate with this team on a day-to-day basis as if they are your in-house team members.

Zero Employee Overhead Expense

You pay a fixed monthly rate to ZydeSoft. You don’t have any overhead expenses like medical insurance, infrastructure cost, etc. All these are taken care by ZydeSoft.

Transparent Pricing

Irrespective of the engagement models, you are well informed about the pricing and your project always stay within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

The developers will work from ZydeSoft’s office in Chennai, India. They will be dedicated to your projects and work for you 100% of their time.

ZydeSoft will be the employer for these developers. ZydeSoft provides them with all the employee benefits. The developers will work for you as your extended remote team.

It would take 2-10 days to onboard our developers as your extended team members.

Your remote developers will work for 8 hours/day. They will work at a timing that will provide a significant overlap with your timezone. Hence there will be greater flexibility to schedule daily meetings to coordinate with your team. In-fact all our resources work for overseas clients as full-time remote developers and work timings haven’t been a challenge anytime.

It’s very simple and convenient to talk to your developers on a daily basis. You can choose from wide choices like Google Hangout, Whatsapp, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.

You can also call your remote team members on their mobile phone.

All new customers will have this question in their mind when they wanted to try out the remote development for the first time. Remote development is similar to having an office in a different location where your team works. In this new location, the talents that you require are available in abundance at a 60% lesser cost. We will provide you the talented developers for your project and you will be making the hiring decision based on their talents similar to what you do in your current office.

You are always welcome to meet your extended team during any time of the year. In fact, we recommend you visit your extended team once a year in order to develop a great rapport with your extended team. The best part is, Chennai is well connected by air to all parts of the world and it doesn’t cost much to travel and stay in Chennai for a week.

You can pay to ZydeSoft via Wire Transfer or PayPal.

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